Our recommendations on the best restaurants in Cantabria

Where to eat in Cantabria

Cantabria has some amazing restaurants. Most of them have reasonable prices and great quality. We recommend you make a reservation in most of them as they are normally full, specially in peak seasons. Here is a list of what we consider to be some of the best restaurants in Cantabria. 

Restaurante El Pucheru, Barcenaciones


El Pucheru is located in Barcenaciones. 100% home-made food, specially the Cocido Montañes, which is a local and delicious stew you MUST TRY! They’re also really good with grilled meat. Their quality is excellent and their price is quite low.

The Pucheru also has an indoor kids park for the younger ones with ball pools and tons of games, its the perfect place to go and keep them busy while you enjoy a serious meal!

:Cantabria Barcenaciones El Pucheru

Restaurante El Pucheru
Tlf. 942 816 009 / 942 816 176

Casa Calvo, Puente de San Miguel

The restaurant Casa Calvo is in Puente de San Miguel, barely 8kms away from our houses. It is a fantastic restaurant and recommended on the Michelin guide, the prices are quite low and the quality amazingly high.

Make sure you reserve as the restaurant is quite small.

Restaurante Casa Calvo
Puente de San Miguel
Tlf. 942820042

Bar Cuesta, Cerrazo

An all-time favorite in the area. Casa Cuesta is in Cerrazo, around 10kms away from Barcenaciones. Without a doubt it’s one of the best quality/price ratio in the area. The portions are huge, and the food is of excellent quality.

You must reserve as it’s always full, during the weekends its almost impossible to have a table without a previous reservation.


Restaurante Casa Cuesta
Tlf. 942820535

Casa Cofiño, Caviedes

To get there, take the N634 towards Cabezon de la Sal, cross the town and continue on the same road. 10kms after Treceño you’ll see the sign to Caviedes.

This restaurant is definitely highly recommended, you have to reserve as its always full. The quality is incredible and prices are quite good too. We especially recommend the meat and the stews.  Mari Cruz o Jose.

Casa Cofiño
Tel. 942708046 (Mari Cruz or Jose)

La Nogalea, Ruente

New owners, new menu, new dishes, but with the quality of always.

Very pleasant location with great quality and price.

La Nogalea
Tel: 942 2709101

Las Redes, San Vicente de la Barquera

This restaurant’s specialty is the Rice with lobster. For  €23.50/ per person, always order one ration less than the number of people you are, as the rations are huge. Once you enter San Vicente de la Barquera, just continue until the end, when you reach the end, the restaurant is on the right.

Las Redes
San Vicente de la Barquera
Tel. 942712542.

El Retiro en San Vicente de la Barquera

If you’re a fish fan, this restaurant is for you. Miguel Angel, the owner, was a fisherman for many years and he knows his stuff! The ambiance is nice and not packed with tourists. Cross the bridge over the river and in front of the fishermans wharf you’ll find it on the second street that goes up. You can park there easily.
San Vicente de la Barquera
Tel: 942710812 (Miguel Ángel).

La Portilla, Celis

donde comer en cantabriaIf you go to the Caves of El Soplao, the town of Celis has this magnificent restaurant. You should reserve as its always full.  It’s 2 kms away from the caves.

La Portilla
Celis ( cerca de las cuevas de El Soplao) 
Tel 942727521.(Jorge)

Santa Lucía

donde comer en cantabria, restaurante santa lucia mazcuerrasThe restaurant Santa Lucia is on the Road CA 180 that takes to the Valley of Cabuerniga. The area is beautiful and it has a very nice garden with a playing area for children. If the weather is good, ask to be seated in the garden.

Santa Lucia
Carretera CA 180 hacia Valle de Cabuérniga
Tel: 658768324

Restaurante la Ermita,  San Pedro Rudagüera

donde comer en cantabria, la ermita en san pedro rudagueraGreat restaurant in a town that is off the beaten track, yet very charming. Excellent price-quality ratio. The service is fantastic and the food is modern and really thought over. The town is beautiful and offers the possibility of having an after-lunch stroll down the river. Kids can play in the square after eating, leaving the parents to rest the food a bit.

La Ermita
San Pedro Rudagüera
Tel. 942 719 071

Restaurante Imperial,  Santander


This restaurant is on a first floor. Magnificent fish at a very good price. Most of our clients love it, it’s very close to Puerto Chico in Santander. 

The area has tons of high-quality restaurants: El Bar del Puerto, La Posada del Mar, La Bombi, etc.


Restaurante Imperial
17, Calle Casimiro Sainz
Santander (Zona de Puertochico)
942 229362

Mesón La Bolera, Los Tojos.

donde comer en cantabria, meson la bolera, los tojosTypical restaurant in a town with marvelous views. The prices are good and the bean stews are just extraordinary. You should reserve and ask to be seated next to the windows.

Meson La Bolera
Carretera General, S/N, 39518 Los Tojos,
Los Tojos
942 706 035

La Hérmida,  Herrera de Ibio

donde comer en cantabria, la hermida en herrera de ibio

2 km away from Herrera de Ibio. The location of this restaurant is just mind-blowing. It is in the middle of the hills, in a far-fetched place, yet the quality of the food and the service is worth the trip up the road ( by car). You’ll feel like you’ve been invited to dine in the house of a friend.  It’s a great place to organize a trekking that ends with a great meal.

Make sure you reserve as the place is quite small.

La Hérmida
, 39509 Herrera de Ibio,

Tel 942 091211

El Refugio, Tanos

donde comer en cantabria, el refugio en tanosTradicional grill with some of the best meat in the area. It’s perfect for the meatlovers. The terrace is very nice. Easy to park and the prices are quite good too.

Restaurante El Refugio
Barrio Mies Coterios, 364, 39316 Tanos
Tel: +34 942 80 46 58

El Remedio, Ruiloba

donde comer en cantabria - el remedio en ruilobaMagnificent restaurant, a bit pricey, but it’s definitely worth it for the food and the views.  A bit hard to find but definitely worth it.

Restaurante El Remedio
Barrio Liandres, s/n, 39527 Ruiloba, Cantabria, Spain
Tel: +34 942 10 78 13