Where to Eat in Cantabria

In Cantabria, there are many great restaurants to eat and, with few exceptions, the prices are quite reasonable and the quality is normally very good. We recommend making a reservation in advance at these restaurants as they are generally full. Below we give you some recommendations.













Meson El Pucheru en Barcenaciones

El Pucheru
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It’s in Barcenaciones. Good Food with a very reasonably priced menu. Meat is one of their specialties.

They prepare food to take home like paellas or mountain stew among others. Highly recommended and nice. Eating in the garden is wonderful. If the grill is working, it is worth trying it out.

Address: Barrio San Antonio, no 29, 39590 Barcenaciones, Cantabria
Telephone: +34 608 80 53 99


Restaurante Mencia en Barcenaciones

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Vicente, the owner, is also a resident of Barcenaciones and chef of one of the most select caterers in all of Cantabria. This Bar/Restaurant has an impressive Wine offer and an incredible (and delicious) selection of Pinchos.

Home cooking, it’s perfect to enjoy in good company with a good wine or a cold beer. Open only on weekends.

Address: Barcenaciones neighborhood 69, 39590 Barcenaciones, Cantabria
Telephone: +34 686 56 70 34

Restaurante Calvo en Puente San Miguel

Restaurante Calvo
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Calvo Restaurant is, in our opinion, one of the best restaurants in the area and with one of the best quality-price ratios. Recommended by the Michelin Guide, this small restaurant serves delicious fish. In addition, they are also experts with local dishes such as stews, or meat. If you are lucky enough to find it empty and the day is good, sit on the terrace. Do not leave without trying the Puff Pastry!

Address: Av. Oviedo, 182, 39530 Puente San Miguel, Cantabria
Telephone: +34 942 82 00 42

Restaurante La Retama

La Retama

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Don’t be fooled by the peculiar location of this restaurant, next to a gas station. The truth is that La Retama is a great option, both to eat sitting on its pleasant terrace or to take the food home (take-away style).

To Take away we recommend Paella and Potato Omelette.
To eat there we recommend The Vegan Hamburger, without a doubt one of the best we have ever tried.

Address: National Highway 634 PK 242.30, 39500 Cabezón de la Sal – Cabrojo neighborhood, Cantabria
Telephone: +34 942 70 88 93

La Ermita 1826 San Pedro Rudagüera

La Ermita 1826

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Magnificent restaurant in a qiuet and very pleasant village. Excellent price-quality ratio. The service is fantastic and close and the food is innovative and very carefully prepared.

We recommend visiting the town, as it is beautiful and offers magnificent walks next to the Saja river. In addition, it is a perfect place for children to play in the square after eating.

Address: Barrio San Pedro, 15, San Pedro de Rudagüera, 39539, Cantabria
Telephone: +34 942 71 90 71

Restaurante La Riojana en Cabezón de la Sal

La Riojana

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Without a doubt one of our favorite restaurants to eat near our houses. It has recently been renovated to become a fabulous, clean, and welcoming restaurant.

With innovative and very tasty food, it is our favorite to have a little wine or vermouth after the public market on Saturday.

They also have a very tasty menu of the day and at a very good price. The service is perfect too. Highly recommended.

Address: Place Urbanization Molino de San Martín, 1, 39500 Cabezón de la Sal, Cantabria
Telephone: +34 942 70 16 94

La Abacería de la Sal

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With a touch of design and lots of flavor, La Abacería de la Sal is a very cute restaurant located in the center of Cabezón de la Sal.

They have exceptional produce (Las Verduras de Floren) and they also have a store where they sell their products. Highly recommended

Perfect for a snack (aperitivo) with good wine.

Address: Plaza Ángel de la Bodega, 4, 39500 Cabezón de la Sal, Cantabria
Telephone: +34 942 70 91 78

Restaurante La Riojana en Cabezón de la Sal

La Hérmida

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If you ever dreamt of eating in a restaurant just for you, in dreamlike surroundings, and with homemade food prepared with love, then La Hérmida is your place.

Sheltered in the middle of the mountains, isolated from everything, Fernando and his mother run this small restaurant, where they offer homemade, personal food, with a touch of love that transpires in each of their dishes. Being so small it is essential to call to reserve.

In the area, there are many incredible walks that are worth doing. Here’s a perfect plan for you: walk through the mountains, have a nice lunch at La Hérmida, and end up with a siesta.

Address: La Hermida, 139, 39509 Herrera de Ibio. Mazcuerras, Cantabria
Telephone: +34 942 09 12 11

El Tropezón

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If what you want is to eat well, in quantity and quality, and you like the typical restaurants, El Tropezón is perfect for you. With a menu full of local dishes, where the specialties are mountain stew and T-bone steak, you can’t go wrong.

Good quality food, and as we say, in good quantities. The menu of the day is also a great option if you don’t want to improvise. Easy to park, and there is almost always a place.

Address: Bo. La Herreria, 16, 39592 La Herreria, Cantabria
Telephone: 692 58 07 52

Restaurante Cofiño en Caviedes


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A must in any list of the best restaurants in Cantabria, Casa Cofiño is, without a doubt, one of our favorite restaurants in the province.

With one of the best wineries in Cantabria, this restaurant has an amazing gastronomic offer. We recommend the Beans, the Meat or the Meatballs.

It is advisable to book because it is always full, and it also has somewhat peculiar working hours.

Address: Place, Barrio Caviedes, 0 S N, 39593 Caviedes, Cantabria
Telephone: +34 942 70 80 46

Restaurante Enrique En Ucieda

Restaurante Enrique

( | )

Homemade cooking with a lot to say. Restaurante Enrique is one of the jewels of Ucieda, a beautiful town on the skirts of the Saja-Besaya Natural Park, in the Cabuérniga valley. This establishment is famous for its T-bone steak, or for its veal cachopo, although its wonderful mountain stew has nothing to envy to any other in the area. Whatever it is that you order,  you won’t go wrong.

The service of its employees is spectacular and without a doubt a place to stop for a good meal after a good excursion.

Address: Calle Ucieda de Arriba, 147, 39513 Ucieda, Cantabria
Telephone: +34 942 70 90 39

La Oca en el Oceano en Ruente

La Oca en el Oceano

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A house converted into a cafeteria, with the largest collection of knick-knacks and decorative items (all for sale) that you have ever seen. As a finishing touch, a selection of cakes worthy of Hansel and Gretel themselves.

La Oca en el Oceano (The Goose in the Ocean) is the perfect place to go on a heavy rainy day, or after a long day of walking. If you’re hungry, try their shakes too. Open from 3pm to 8:30pm – it’s not a restaurant, more like a kind of cafeteria, but definitely worth the visit.

Address: Barrio Monasterio, 61, 39513 Ruente, Cantabria
Telephone: +34 654 38 20 11

La Gerruca y el Rayo Verde

La Gerruca

( | )

La Gerruca is the perfect restaurant to eat on a day at the beach. Very good selection of fish (we recommend the Turbot, which is magnificent). It also has a lot of dishes to snack on as a group. Without a doubt, a great alternative for a sunny day. It is advisable to reserve.

Behind La Gerruca, on the same land, is El Rayo Verde, very famous for being one of the favorite places to watch the sunset with privileged views of Gerra beach and the Bay of San Vicente de la Barquera.

Address: Barrio Gerra, 2, 39540 San Vicente de la Barquera, Cantabria
Telephone: +34 942 71 02 12

Restaurante Las Redes en San Vicente de la Barquera

Las Redes

( |)

The best Rice with Lobster in the area. Always ask for a smaller portion because the ones they serve are huge. They have a selection of very appetizing dishes, and they are specialists in anything that comes from the sea.

Address: Av. Los Soportales, 24, 39540 San Vicente de la Barquera, Cantabria
Telephone: +34 942 71 25 42

Restaurante Boga Boga

Boga Boga

( |)

If you want seafood, this is your place, this delicious restaurant has a menu where the seafood is king. We recommend the clams and the hake especially, but honestly, it’s hard to choose wrong. It is advisable to book in advance, especially in summer, as it tends to fill up easily.

Address: Plaza Mayor del Fuero, 8, 39540 San Vicente de la Barquera, Cantabria
Telephone: +34 942 71 01 50

La Nogalea

( | )

Homemade dishes with a touch of signature design, La Nogalea presents a fusion of the modern and the traditional with a sublime result.

This restaurant is always a good choice if you want to eat well in a very pleasant environment.

We recommend eating in the Garden, which is very cozy.

Address: Barrio Ruente, 74, 39513 Ruente, Cantabria
Telephone: +34 942 70 91 01

La Solana

( | )

A classic in the area, on your visit to Bárcena Mayor you cannot miss a visit to eat one of the best mountain stews in Cantabria, and enjoy spectacular meat.

It is always advisable to book in advance as it usually gets crowded.

Address: Calle Iglesia, 25, 39518 Bárcena Mayor Cantabria
Telephone: +34 647 87 45 74

El Refugio en Tanos

El Refugio

( | )

If El Refugio is known for something, it is for the size of its grill. Meats of all styles (we recommend the “parrillada” or the ribeye “Chuleton”). They also have good fish.

When the weather is good, the terrace is very pleasant, and its spacious rooms make it fairly easy to find a place.

Address: Bo. Mies Coterios, 364, 39300 Torrelavega, Cantabria
Telephone: +34 942 80 46 58

El Remedio en Barrio Liandres

El Remedio

( | )

El Remedio is a restaurant with a beautiful setting. Located next to the sea, and with impressive views. This restaurant offers innovative and very modern cuisine.

It is not a cheap restaurant, but it is certainly worth it if you are looking to eat in the perfect environment.

Address: Barrio Liandres, s/n, 39527, Cantabria
Telephone: +34 942 10 78 13

Suka en Suances


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From time to time we all get the urge for sushi. So don’t worry, because we have the perfect solution, even if the people coming with you don’t feel like it.

Suka in Suances offers a fusion between Sushi, some vegan food, and typical dishes of the area. It is a great alternative after spending the day at Los Locos beach, in Suances. Good service, although sometimes you have to be patient because they are not the fastest in Cantabria.

Address: Calle Torrelavega 7, 39340 Suances, Cantabria.
Telephone: +34 942 81 05 28

Restaurante el Cazurro en La Playa de Arnía

El Cazurro

( | )

For us, one of our favorite restaurants, but we recommend that you book well in advance because they do not take reservations on the same day, and you will need it 100%. El Cazurro is a restaurant located on Arnía Beach, in Costa Quebrada.

It has impressive views of the cliffs of Arnía, and without a doubt its great specialty is rice. The rice with lobster is spectacular, super recommended.

Address: Bo. la Arnía, s/n, 39120, Cantabria
Telephone: +34 942 57 85 24

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