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Barcenaciones is strategically located in between some of the most famous spots of Cantabria. Just a few Kilometers away from Cabezon de la Sal, Santillana del Mar, Comillas San Vicente de la Barquera, or Torrelavega, Barcenaciones is the ideal place to use as a base from which to explore everything that Cantabria has to offer.

It might seem as a joke, but every time we say ‘it’s just 20 minutes away’ we really aren’t lying. You can basically reach everything from the mountain to the beach in less than 30 minutes. Moreover, because we are so close to bigger urban areas like Puente San Miguel, Torrelavega, or Cabezon de la Sal, it’s extremely easy to find more of the “modern” amenities you might need, like big supermarkets, pharmacies, a vet, or even a hospital.

What’s so good about Barcenaciones is that it looks like an isolated village in the middle of nowhere that has maintained it’s traditional aesthetics, with wood and stone everywhere, but at the same time it’s in the middle of all the action.

Getting to Barcenaciones is also very easy, as we will show you below.


How to get to Barcenaciones by Car




(Santander, Basque Country, Navarra, Rioja, Aragon o Catalonia)

Drive down highway A8 towards Oviedo, and take exit 238- Quijas

Once on exit 238-Quijas take a right.

(Galicia, Asturias, etc.)

Drive down highway A8 towards Santander/Bilbao, and take exit 238 – Quijas.

Once in exit salida 238-Quijas take a left.

Once you’re going down from the bridges on exit 238, you’ll get to a roundabout that belongs to the old main road, N-634, take the 2nd exit (to the left) towards Cabezón de la Sal, Oviedo. 

You’ll go down the old main road for a bit, and it’s quite possible that Google Maps asks you to take an exit to the right, but please ignore.

You’ll have to wait to see a big modern bridge, but please DO NOT CROSS THE BRIDGE.

Once you’ve passed the exit towards the bridge, you’ll see a small exit on the right with a sign that reads “Barcenaciones (see image)

You’ll have to make a 180º turn to the right, and you’ll pass in front of a small warehouse with a sign that reads “PEMON”. Please continue down that small street, always keeping on the right, and you’ll get to the main square of the village, where you’ll see a bar called “La Tienda” and a restaurant called “El Pucheru”. 

Going to Casa Vallejo:

When you’re on the square, take a left towards to outdoor bowling alley, and then take a left again. You’;ll see the children’s park, and right in front of it, is a house with a reddish facade. That’s Casa Vallejo. You can park your car right in front of the park (where the parking spots are) or you can drive down to the side of the house, where you’ll be able to park your car conveniently next to the entrance.

Going to Casa de al Lado:

Facing the restaurant El Pucheru, take the street on your right. At the end of the street, you’ll see a huge wooden door, with an arch and a cross on top. Once you get there, you have to continue following the wall towards the right, and you’ll get to number 34, which is “La Casa de Al Lado.”

Please park your car in the space next to the door, you can fit up to 2 cars. If you have more cards, please park them on the square of the village, otherwise, our neighbors won’t be able to get to their homes.

Going to La Quinta:

Facing the restaurant El Pucheru, take the street on your right. At the end of the street, you’ll see a huge wooden door, with an arch and a cross on top, that’s La Quinta.

How to get to Barcenaciones by Airplane


If you’re willing to come to Barcenaciones by airplane, we recommend you do the following:

  • Airport of Santander (33.8 kms)

Once at the airport in Santander, you can take a Taxi, or rent a car, or you can also consult with our team so we can organize your pick-up from Santander city or the airport.

  • Aeropuerto de Oviedo (179 kms) 

Once at the airport in Oviedo, we recommend you make your way to the FEVE station (local train). You can get off at Cabezón de la Sal, where you can take a Taxi. You can also reach out to our team so we can organize your pick-up from Cabezon de la Sal. Alternatively, you can try to take a taxi from the airport to our houses, but it might be a very expensive ride, so try to negotiate your rate first.

How to get to Barcenaciones by Train

The easiest way to get to Barcenaciones by train is with the FEVE (local train). You can stop at Golbardo or Cabezon de la Sal, from where you can take a taxi to our houses. You can also speak to our team to arrange a pick-up from wherever you want.

If you’re coming from Madrid or the south, we recommend you take the train up until Torrelavega, From there, we recommend you take a taxi or that you contact us to arrange your pick-up.

How to get to Barcenaciones by Ferry


Plymouth (UK) – Santander

  • Length: 20h
  • Leaving on Sunday (Plymouth-Santander)
  • Leaving on Wednesday (Santander-Plymouth)

Portsmouth (UK)– Bilbao

  • Length: 24h
  • Leaving Wednesday and Sunday (Portsmouth-Bilbao)
  • Leaving Tuesday and Thursday (Bilbao-Portsmouth)

Portsmouth (UK) – Santander

  • Length: 24h
  • Leaving Tuesday and Friday (Portsmouth-Santander)
  • Leaving Monday and Saturday (Santander-Portsmouth)

Rosslare (Ireland)Bilbao

  • Length: 24h
  • Leaving Wedn3sday and Friday (Rosslare – Bilbao)
  • Leaving Thursday and Saturday (Bilbao – Rosslare)

We recommend you look on the internet for the best deals for these ferries.

Once you arrive, either in Santander or in Bilbao, we recommend you follow the instructions of “how to get to Barcenaciones by car” (above).


With limited availability, this traditional manor of the XVIII century is enveloped by a centennial garden and exudes a special charm that will transport you to a place of calm, tranquility and relaxation, surrounded by nature and history.

Casa Vallejo

This beautiful and recently renovated house hides, behind its traditional stone facade, modern touches of comfort with ample rooms, clean lines, and beautiful views of the Saja Valley. It’s the perfect home to enjoy a few days of creating new memories alongside your loved ones.

La Casa Vallejo

Casa de Al Lado

This old stable of the XVIII century unveils today a modern, cozy home. The history hidden in its stone walls bears present through its wooden beamed ceilings, which invite you to gift yourself a moment to breathe and disconnect from the outside world. Netflix and chill just got a whole new meaning.

La Casa de Al Lado

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