Our recommendations on what to do in Cantabria 

What to do in Cantabria and around the area of Barcenaciones.

Cantabria has lots of things to do. Depending on the season some might be more appealing than others, but independently from that, we want to share with you some of our favorite things to do in Cantabria, So if you’re wondering what to do in Cantabria, this list is for you!

Trekking in Cantabria

As you probably already know, Cantabria is one of the regions through which the Camino de Santiago (Santiago’s way) passes. Cantabria has thousands of pathways and routes in which to trek.  There are more than 600kms of routes throughout all of Cantabria. From crossing charming towns, like the ones in the Cabuérniga Valley, to more professional routes in the Natural Park of the Picos de Europa, if you’re looking for trekking advice in Cantabria, check the following out:

  • Visit the Wikiloc profile of the Tourism board of Cantabria here.
  • Download the catalog with the best Trekking routes in Cantabria here.
  • Visit WikiRutas to see some other routes you might not find elsewhere.

MTB and Biking in Cantabria

If you’re a two wheel geek, Cantabria is the ideal destination to come with your bike. From downhill, to offroad or port climbing with race bikes, Cantabria has thousands of kilometers to enjoy with your bicycle. The love for bicycles in Cantabria is one of the greatest in all of Spain, so you won’t run short on plans to do with your bike. Our best recommendation is for you to get lost, given you’ll always get to an amazing town, road or pathway that you will fall in love with forever. But if you’re looking to plan ahead, we recommend the following:

  • Visit the website of  Cantabria en Bici, where you’ll find hundreds of routes that they’ve done and that you can do too.
  • Enter the forum Foro BiciCantabria,  to learn about everything related to biking in Cantabria.
  • Learn about what the group MTB Torrelavega is doing, they do regular meetups.
  • If what you like is MTB, enter the forum Foro de MTB de Cantabria 
  • Download this catalog with the best routes, shared by the board of tourism of Cantabria.

Surfing in Cantabria

Cantabria is one of the best places of all Spain to Surf, Bodyboard or SUP (Stand-up paddle board). There is a great fondness of surf in the area, and tons of places in which to practice it, all throughout the year. We are great Surf geeks so we recommend you the following beaches near our houses.

  • Suances (La playa de los Locos)
  • Liencres
  • San Vicente de la Barquera (Gerra and El Pajaro Amarillo)

If what you’re looking for is lessons, we recommend you the following schools:

  • H20 ( Comillas/ San Vicente de la Barquera)
  • Buena Onda (San Vicente de la Barquera)

If you stay in any of our houses, please consult us so we can help you organize your lessons or where to rent material.

Sailing in Cantabria

The Cantabric sea is one of the best places to practice sailing in all of Spain. Cantabria has some of the best sailing schools and yacht clubs in the whole country. Both the practice and the learning are quite popular in Cnatabria. Near our houses, there are several marinas where you can rent boats, or take sailing lessons. Here’s a list of some of them.

Ski and Snowboard in Cantabria

Only 50kms away from our houses, we have the resort of Alto CAmpoo, one of the only resorts in the north of Spain. The resort has over 27,715 kms which include:

  • 22 slopes (4 green, 9 blue y 9 red)
  • 12 lifts (5 chairs y 7 ski lifts)
  • 4,4 km cross-country skiing circuit
  • Snowpark

Other things to do in Cantabria

As you’ve seen, there are tons of things that you can do in Cantabria, but we can’t just explain them all one by one. So let us do a short summary of some of the rest, here are some examples:

  • Horse-back riding
  • Enduro and ATV’s
  • Karting ( Dani Sordo’s circuit)
  • Kayak
  • Rafting
  • Canyoning
  • Climbing
  • Many More!

If you have any question, please contact us and we’ll be delighted to help you!