Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals in Northern Spain

Are you looking for a pet friendly rental in Spain?

We know your pet is a huge part of your family, so don’t leave it at home! Our villas accept pets of all sizes, breeds and colors. Take a look at our pet friendly rentals in Spain and give your pet the chance to enjoy Cantabria with you and your family.

We accept pets because we know they’re one of the most important things for you. We have our own dogs and we understand that, for a good dog-owner, being able to bring your pet along is essential. Leaving them at home is basically impossible if you don’t have anybody that can care for them. And taking them to a shelter is expensive, not completely trustworthy, and we all feel a bit ashamed of doing it. We understand.

Plus, our town has tons of places to walk your dog around, and The House of the Rock, The House on the Side and Vallejo House all have spacious areas in which to leave your dog when you can’t bring him along for your day trip. So you have nothing to worry about.

If you’re also the type that loves to walk down the beach with your dog you should probably know that very close to our houses you’ll find 5 of the 7 beaches that officially admit dogs in Cantabria (without a leash!) all year long. And if it’s not summer, most of the beaches in Cantabria allow you to take your dog without a leash too. ¡No

You’re running out of excuses! If you’re looking for a pet friendly rental in Spain, this is your place!


If you travel with your pet you’ll probably want to know who we work with or have worked with in the past!

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