Pet-Friendly Rentals in Cantabria

Are you looking to rent a rural house that accepts pets in Cantabria?

We know that your pet is a major part of your family, so don’t leave your pet at home! Our rural houses accept pets of all sizes, breeds, and colors. So take a look at our pet-friendly houses in Cantabria and give your pet the opportunity to enjoy Cantabria with you and your family.

We accept pets because we know that they are the most important thing for you. We have dogs ourselves and we understand that for a good owner, it is essential to be able to bring your pet with you when you travel. Leaving them at home is basically impossible if you don’t have anyone to take care of them, and taking them to a nursing home is expensive, and sometimes unreliable, and we all feel a little weird when we do it. We understand you.

Also, around town, you have plenty of paths where you can walk your dog, and all our houses have areas large enough for you to leave your dog when you can’t bring it with you on certain excursions.

If you are also one of those people that like to walk on the beach with your dog, you will also like to know that near our houses we have 5 of the 7 beaches that officially allow dogs in Cantabria (without a leash!) throughout the year. And if it’s not summer, in Cantabria almost all the beaches allow you to go with your dog without a leash.

You have no excuse! If you are looking to rent a rural house with a dog in Cantabria to be able to come with your pet, this is your place!

La Quinta

With exclusive availability, this Cantabrian manor from the 18th century sits surrounded by a garden of hundred-year-old trees and hides a special charm that transports its guests to a place of calm and tranquility surrounded by nature and history.

Casa Vallejo

This beautiful stone house, recently renovated, hides a touch of modernity and comfort in its traditional stone façade, with spacious rooms and views of the Saja Valley, it is the perfect home to enjoy a few days creating memories in good company.

La Casa Vallejo

Casa de Al Lado

This old stable from the 18th century, today looks like a cozy and endearing home. The history of its stone walls and oak beam ceilings invites you to give yourself a minute to breathe and disconnect from the outside world. Read a book under the shade of the beech, or watch a movie under a blanket.

La Casa de Al Lado


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